Used Maserati Spyder 1992 - 2007 review

Category: Sports car

Section: What is it like?

1992 - 2007 review
Used Maserati Spyder Open 1992 - 2007
  • Used Maserati Spyder Open 1992 - 2007
  • Used Maserati Spyder Open 1992 - 2007
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What's the used Maserati Spyder sports like?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, the Spyder's a good buy since it's not quite as common as the GT coupe. Oh, and it's a fine drive, too.

The Spyder has a 4.2-litre 390bhp engine which delivers its power smoothly right through the range. Throttle response is instant at any speed and it'll whisk you from 0-60mph in 4.9sec and on to 176mph.

Not only is this car quick, it also handles extremely well for a soft-top. Turn in to a corner, and the chassis follows every move of the steering wheel without feeling too skittish. The electronic damping system smooths out the bumps nicely, but it doesn't wallow too much, either.

You have a choice of two gearboxes. The manual shift is acceptable, but the paddle-shift system gives you a much cleaner getaway, although you'll need some practice to make smooth changes.

The cabin is beautifully trimmed, sumptuous and easy to use, although some of the controls are a little similar, which can be confusing.