Used Mazda 323 Hatchback 1998 - 2004 review

What is it like?

(1998 - 2004)
Used Mazda 323 Hatchback 1998 - 2004
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What's the used Mazda 323 hatchback like?

Here's a car that can fulfil the family-car role and still be fun to drive. The 323 suffers from very little body roll, so it's plenty of fun on a twisty, country road. Although the steering may feel too light for some tastes, it's precise and accurate.

Town driving isn't quite so much fun, though, as the suspension is too firm.

Behind the wheel, the dash has a rather hotchpotch feel to its layout, but there is plenty of room in the cabin for both front- and rear-seat occupants. The boot is a generous size, and a split-folding rear seat is standard across the range, as well as plenty of other equipment.