Used Mazda 626 Saloon 1997 - 2002 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

1997 - 2002 review
Used Mazda 626 Saloon 1997 - 2002
  • Used Mazda 626 Saloon 1997 - 2002
  • Used Mazda 626 Saloon 1997 - 2002
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What's the used Mazda 626 saloon like?

There is nothing exciting or inspiring about a 626, but it will give years of dependable, efficient and inexpensive service.

It's certainly not a looker, inside or out. However, that cabin is efficient, durable and reasonably well equipped, and space is average for the class. The luggage area, too, is perfectly adequate; although, naturally, this saloon isn't quite as practical as its hatchback sister.

The engines aren't bad, either - and they're positively good if your doctor recommends a steady-state-pulse kind of life. He or she won't approve of the stress caused on your spine by the firm ride, though.

And, ultimately, that's the real trouble with the 626 - after all its other qualities, the drive is a real let-down. The gearshift is inaccurate, the clutch hair-trigger and the throttle very sensitive. There's plenty of wind and road noise at speed, too.