Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate 1993 - 2001 reliability

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C-Class makes a better estate car than most compact executives

      Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate 1993 - 2001 review
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      What should I look for in a used Mercedes C-Class estate?

      People who had the cash to buy a Mercedes from new usually had the cash to maintain them properly, so most should have been well looked after. This will have contributed to the impressive reliability record enjoyed by this generation of C-Class. Warranty Direct reckons it's well above average.

      However, repair bills can be steep if the car does go wrong, with the average cost of repair given by Warranty Direct as over £450.

      The suspension accounts for most of the C-Class' problems, so check the service history for previous work done. Don't worry too much if you hear clonks when turning the wheel. It's a sign that the bushes in the anti-roll bars and steering joints have worn, and it isn't nearly as pricey to fix as the noise suggests. Check that all the gadgets work, too, because electrical faults aren't unheard of.

      What are the most common problems with a used Mercedes C-Class estate?

      Is a used Mercedes C-Class estate reliable?