Used Mercedes GLC Coupe 2016-present review

Ownership cost

Used Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 16-present
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Ownership cost

What used Mercedes GLC Coupe coupe will I get for my budget?

You’ll need between £25,000 and £28,000 to step into the driving seat of a GLC Coupé, this buying you a 2017 model with an average mileage for the year and a full service history. Plusher variants and faster ones and 2018 onwards models will need £28,000-£35,000, bought from an independent dealer, and a little more again for one bought from a franchised dealer. Spend around £35,000 on a 2019 car. 

Used Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 16-present

How much does it cost to run a Mercedes GLC Coupe coupe?


Not surprisingly, the diesel-engined versions are the most economical, especially the four-cylinder ones. The 220d registers a claimed 56.5mpg under the older, tougher NEDC tests, with corresponding CO2 emissions of 131g/km. The 250d is slightly below that, with an average claimed figure of 52.3mpg NEDC, while the 350d manages a claimed 41.5mpg.

On the post-facelift cars, the 220d claims 48.7mpg under the WLTP tests, the 300d 44.1mpg and the AMG GLC 63 22.6mpg and the 63 S 22.1mpg. 

Car tax

Tax for cars registered after April 2017 will be charged at the current flat rate, but because most GLC Coupés cost more than £40,000 new, they’ll also attract a luxury car tax surcharge of £310 a year. Insurance groups start at 29 for the diesels, but the faster models peak up at group 43, so premiums could be high.


Mercedes-Benz operates a number of servicing plans, with prices starting from around £27 per month, and this guarantees the price of parts and labour for up to three services.

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Used Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 16-present
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