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The argument that something must be better if it’s more popular is one of the oldest around, but it’s also one of the most flawed. After all, it would suggest that McDonald’s has the best burgers because it shifts billions; that Taylor Swift is a more talented musician than Mozart because she’s had more number one hits; and that the Porsche Macan SUV must be superior to the firm’s sports cars because it sells in much bigger numbers.

While it may be a stretch to suggest that the Macan is better than a Cayman or a 911, though, it’s still hugely impressive in its own way, appealing to those who need something practical enough to serve as a family car but who don’t want to give up the Porsche badge and the driving enjoyment that goes with it.

Positioned below the Cayenne in the firm’s range, both in terms of size and price, the Macan was updated for 2019, most obviously with new bumpers and a full-width rear light bar. It also gained a bigger infotainment screen and the engines were tweaked.

Is the Macan the best sports SUV on sale today, then? Read on over the next few pages for everything you need to know about it, including our recommendation for the version to choose.

And remember, whatever you decide to buy, it’s always worth checking out our New Car Buying section before splashing the cash, because we could potentially save you thousands without the hassle of haggling.

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