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Passenger & boot space
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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Despite the GS’s quality and ergonomic issues, it's certainly spacious – much more so than the Duster. Up front, it’s easy to get comfortable in the driver’s seat, and there’s plenty of room for all shapes and sizes. Head and leg room is good in the rear, too, although the floor is higher than you might expect, forcing your knees upwards. Still, long-legged adults can properly stretch out and relax in the back of the GS, and there's a huge amount of foot space under the front seats. It also gets reclining rear seats as standard – a feature that’s rare in family SUVs, let alone bargain-priced ones.

The boot is practical, offering more room than the Nissan Qashqai's but less than the Duster's. Fold the rear seats and you’ll reveal an extended load bay that’s virtually flat. That’s good for sliding in flatpack furniture, but the boot opening does narrow around its bottom edges, making loading a little trickier.

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