Used Mitsubishi Space Star Hatchback 1998 - 2006 review

Category: Small car

Section: What is it like?

1998 - 2006 review
Mitsubishi Space Star Hatchback (98 - 06)
  • Mitsubishi Space Star Hatchback (98 - 06)
  • Mitsubishi Space Star Hatchback (98 - 06)
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What's the used Mitsubishi Space Star hatchback like?

Launched in 1998 on an S plate, the Mitsubishi Space Star was officially on sale until 2005. It was never a popular choice in Britain, but that's hardly surprising.

On anything but the flattest road, the car gives an unpleasant ride. The roly-poly handling is very unsettling, while the steering is light and tells you nothing about what's going on at the wheels.

Road rumble echoes round the cabin, and the tall and narrow shape creates wind noise, too. The engines get noisy once you pick up the pace, too, although they're fine at low speeds.

Overall, it's not that easy to get comfortable, as there's limited adjustment to the driving position, but at least the simple instruments and high number of cubby holes are plus points. Headroom is good, too, and the rear bench slides to boost luggage or passenger space. However, the car's not very roomy in the first place, and the suspension turrets intrude on boot space.