2013 Infiniti Q50 exclusive preview

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2013 Infiniti Q50 exclusive preview

If you're in the market for an executive saloon, but want something a little different from the usual Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series suspects, the Infiniti Q50 might just take your fancy.

The Q50 is Infiniti's first car designed specifically for the European market. It replaces the G Series, which struggled to sell in the UK because of its V6 petrol engine. The Q50 has a diesel option, and is being pitched directly against BMW's best-selling 320d.

Infiniti reckons the Q50 is the last word in driveability, luxury and practicality, but will you agree?

We're holding an exclusive preview of the new model at Nissan's European Design Centre in central London three months ahead of the Q50's UK launch and we'd like you to join us.

So, if you're free on Thursday, June 6 and want to know whether the Q50 has what it takes to become your next car apply now with the following details:

•Your full name
•Your age
•Your mobile phone number
•Your occupation
•What car you currently drive
•Where you'll be travelling from on the day
•A compelling reason why you're interested in viewing the new Infiniti Q50
•Where you first heard about this event (Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, whatcar.com or elsewhere)

Send the above to [readertestteam@whatcar.com](mailto:readertestteam@whatcar.com?subject=Infiniti Q50 preview) as soon as possible to secure your place.

Emma Butcher

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