Audi RS3 Sportback long-term test: report 3

Back in January, we named this 394bhp rocketship the best hot hatch for daily usability, but now we're putting that verdict to the ultimate test by actually living with one...

Audi RS3 front action

The car Audi RS3 Launch Edition Run by Will Nightingale, road test editor

Why it’s here To see if this 394bhp hot hatch is as easy to live with as we initially thought

Needs to Be the ultimate all-rounder: fast and thrilling when asked, but also relaxing on longer jaunts

Mileage 7300 List price £58,480 (Carbon Black) Target Price £58,480 Price as tested £62,590 (based on Carbon Black with equivalent specification) Test economy 29.8mpg

8 April 2022 – Our mega hatch is a mega-mile muncher

In my opening update I asked the question: is the Audi RS3 a hot hatch in more than just appearance or is it actually a de facto performance car masquerading under the body of an Audi A3 family car? Well, I’m starting to lean towards the latter definition.

Why? Well, hot hatches have traditionally been highly strung cars that sacrifice some civility in return for thrills on every journey, but the RS3 is just so darn useable. In just a couple of months, I’ve added nearly 5000 miles to the odometer and most of those have been accrued on the motorway.

RS3 LT Newcastle upon Tyne

With a settled high-speed ride, a surprising lack of wind and road noise and a powerful Bang & Olufsen sound system (more on that in a future update), it feels closer to an Audi RS6 in spirit than an uncompromising, track-focused hatch. It even returned a respectable 33mpg on an impromptu 600 mile round trip to Newcastle upon Tyne.

When you consider the RS3 is nearly half the price of the RS6 and has even better resale values, its punchy list price starts to look a whole lot more palatable.

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