Best hybrid performance cars

Whether you're looking for a family hatchback, an SUV or a performance car, there's a hybrid to suit. We take a look at the top three models in each sector...

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Steve Huntingford
07 March 2017

Best hybrid performance cars

Performance cars

3. Honda NSX

Best hybrid performance cars

The original NSX was a pioneer, blending supercar looks and speed with typcal Japanese reliability. This new model offers the same sort of desirability, fun and everyday usability, but extends the remit to include modern-minded efficiency, thanks to its clever hybrid powertrain. And its electric motors don't just improve fuel economy; they also fill in the gaps in the petrol engine's performance and help push the car into bends.

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2. Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

Best hybrid performance cars

If the NSX's eye-widening performance and ability to run near-silently on pure electric power aren't enough, you should consider the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, because it also offers room for four people and their luggage, and feels supremely classy inside. It's even a relative bargain – if an £80k luxury car can be called such a thing – because it's almost £9000 cheaper than the conventional petrol-engined Panamera 4S, despite being more powerful.

Best hybrid performance cars

Using the combination of a three-cylinder petrol engine from the Mini hatchback, high-voltage lithium-ion batteries like the one in your laptop and a powerful electric motor, the i8 might just be the most ambitious car that BMW has ever produced. It looks incredible and handles with precision, yet running costs are tiny. And it even sounds surprisingly good.

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