Best hybrid executive and luxury cars

Whether you're looking for a family hatchback, an SUV or a performance car, there's a hybrid to suit. We take a look at the top three models in each sector...

Mercedes S-Class
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11 Sep 2019 08:40

Best hybrid executive and luxury cars

3. Mercedes S-Class S560e AMG Line

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Why not combine low emissions with luxury car comfort? The S560e keeps everything we love about the regular S-Class, such as its long-distance cruising capability and stunning interior, and adds a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine working in conjunction with an electric motor. You can travel for around 30 miles on electric power alone – or use the electric motor to boost acceleration.

2. BMW 5 Series 530e SE

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BMW 530e front

We're big fans of the BMW 5 Series: it's our favourite luxury car and was even our overall Car of the Year in 2017, having beaten rivals such as the Audi A6 and Jaguar XF. The plug-in hybrid 530e version can cover about 20 miles on electricity alone in real-world conditions before switching to petrol power, so it's a great option for those living in the city. It's also officially the most frugal 5 Series model, as well as the cheapest to tax.

2019 Volkswagen Passat Estate GTE front

The Passat GTE really is the sort of hybrid you could use every day without having to make any compromises. It can travel around 500 miles on a single tank of fuel, and with 34 miles of pure electric range on a full charge, it could potentially cover the majority of journeys without using a single drop of petrol. In addition, the interior quality is every bit as good as in other Passats, there’s enough room for five adults to sit in comfort, and our preferred version, the Estate, has a boot that’ll take all but the largest of loads.

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