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Manufacturer price from:£24,460
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There may be no official connection between NASA and Skoda, but the Czech car manufacturer certainly knows a thing or two about space.

And of all of Skoda’s gloriously spacious models, it’s the Superb that offers the most impressive amount to stretch out in, no matter where you’re sitting. It's so vast that it’s amazing you don’t hear an echo when talking to your passengers. The boot is just as big – and this is the hatchback version, remember, not the even more spacious estate that you can read about here.

There are many other reasons to consider a Superb, though; it’s competitively priced and well equipped, while its efficient engines and strong resale values make the car surprisingly affordable.

So we know it’s good, but should you buy one when your options include everything from a Ford Mondeo to a BMW 3 Series? And if so, which engine and trim should you choose? Read on and we’ll provide you with all the answers.

And, if you do want a Superb, remember to head to our New Car Buying service to make sure you're getting the best prices.

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