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Car of the Year Awards 2023: Best electric estate car

While estates lack the fashionable status of SUVs, they’re more practical. But an estate also needs to be a pleasure to spend time in, and easy to live with beyond the simple virtue of space...

Best electric estate car

MG 5 EV Long Range SE

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We all need a bit of healthy competition to force us to raise our game, right? Well, not in this case: the MG5 EV has delivered a winning performance with precious few rivals snapping at its heels.

When we say ‘precious few’, we actually mean ‘one’: the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo. Now, that’s a very good car, but
it also costs £45k more than the 5 yet can’t haul as much luggage.

MG5 EV 2022 interior dashboard

As you’d expect, the Porsche has more than a slight edge when it comes to driver appeal, but our winner is pretty quick
for one so practical. Its 7.3sec 0-60mph time eclipses that of the Skoda Superb Estate 1.5 TSI 150, for example. However, like that car, its handling is more safe and reassuring than nimble and fun.

It’s comfy to travel in, though, and the official range (up to 250 miles) will be enough for most people’s needs. As an electric alternative to the Superb, the MG5 is remarkably easy to live with.

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