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Car of the Year Awards 2024: Best luxury car interior

Saloons and SUVs both compete in this class, with the best examples combining sumptuous materials with fantastic refinement and ride comfort worthy of a magic carpet...

Best luxury car interior

Bentley Bentayga V8 S

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Whether it’s a luxury car or a five-star hotel room, there’s always an opportunity to push the boat out farther when you’re willing to spend a bit more cash on furnishings.

While the BMW X7 gives you a plush ‘deluxe room’ interior, the Bentley Bentayga’s goes all out to feel like a presidential suite. It falls short of matching the X7 for interior space, but it does even more to cosset occupants, with truly lavish materials and craftsmanship wherever you look. And while its dashboard looks a bit low-tech next to the X7’s, the Bentayga’s combination of buttons and a touchscreen is user-friendly and its knurled physical controls are a delight to use.

Bentley Bentayga interior dashboard

The Bentayga really stands out, though, on the tailoring front. There’s a vast range of colour combinations for the leather upholstery, right down to the stitching and emblems, and you can choose whether to split the luxury five ways or have just four truly indulgent thrones.

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