Caterham needs you!

* Design the next Caterham * Debate other people's ideas * Will make production by 2011...

05 November 2008
Caterham needs you!

Caterham is offering you the chance to design its next road car regardless of whether you've ever laid hands on a spanner or set eyes on a drawing board.

The scheme, called Project Splitwheel, allows members of the public to submit ideas for every aspect of the next Caterham's design, which can then be debated on an internet forum.

The ideas submitted will be collated and put out to public vote, with the winning submissions making it onto the final vehicle.

Anyone can now register to take part at the website, or by clicking here

Once the design is finalised Caterham plans to build a prototype, which those involved in its design will be able to test drive.

The final car is expected to go on sale in 2011.