Chevrolet reveals MPV version of Volt

* Volt MPV5 shown at China show * Longer, wider and taller than Volt * Electric with back-up petrol engine...

23 April 2010

Chevrolet reveals MPV version of Volt

Chevrolet has developed an MPV version of its Volt concept car, and is showing it off at the Auto China 2010 show in Beijing.

The Volt is an electric concept car that has 1.4-litre petrol engine to charge the batteries when they're depleted to allay fears of range anxiety.

Now Chevrolet has developed an MPV concept version of the Volt that's wider, taller and longer than the original Volt.

A practical electric car
Chevrolet says the Volt MPV5 is a feasible, practical five-seater MPV. It has seating that "allows for maximum comfort and flexibility," says Chevrolet, with a flip-and-fold second row of seats.

With the seats folded, there's up to 1764 litres of cargo space, or 864 litres if they're not.

Dual skylight panels, 19-inch wheels, two-tone leather seats and blue metallic paint means there's a certain sporty style to the Volt MPV5, says the firm.

Aerodynamic for efficiency
To optimise the Volt MPV5's efficiency, the car has been made as aerodynamic as possible: there's a closed grille, aero-optimised lower air dam and a flat underside.

Chevrolet believes the aerodynamic measures enable a greater range when running on all-electric mode.

It says the Volt has a range of 51.5km on electric power alone, and 482km when the petrol engine is charging the batteries.

Will it be built?
There's no word on whether the Volt MPV5 will be built or not, but the Volt should be on the market in the USA this year, China next year, and Europe in 2012.

An electric MPV could steal a lead for Chevrolet and GM in the electric car market, because its practicality would be great, giving it lots of appeal to environmentally aware families at the moment, most proposed electric vehicles are small family cars that don't have the versatility of an MPV.