Chevrolet Volt cheaper than the Ampera

* 28,545 for range-extending car * Almost 500 cheaper than identical Ampera * Car on sale next spring...

Chevrolet Volt cheaper than the Ampera

Chevrolet says its Volt range-extending car will cost from 28,545 when it goes on sale next year.

The price includes the 5000 Government electric car grant and is 450 less than the identical car to be sold under a Vauxhall badge the Ampera.

Where the Volt differs from other electric cars is that its electric motor is backed up by a 1.4-litre petrol engine. This acts as a generator to provide the electric motor with an alternative source of power when the batteries run down.

The range-extender technology means incredible efficiency figures. Vauxhall has quoted preliminary figures of 175mpg and 40g/km of CO2 for the Volt's sibling, the Ampera. It can go between 30 and 50 miles on electric power only.

'There are never any concerns that a flat battery will leave you stranded,' said Chevrolet UK managing director Mark Terry.

The car will go on sale next spring. Although full specifications have yet to be announced, Chevrolet says the Volt will come with a leather interior as standard.

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