Daihatsu calls it a day across Europe

* No more sales after January 2013 * Supply of cars doubtful until then * Parts, servicing and warranty work still available...

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What Car? Staff
17 January 2011

Daihatsu calls it a day across Europe

Daihatsu will withdraw from all European markets in January 2013 because of the continuing strength of the Yen.

There are currently no cars in stock at dealerships, and importer International Motors says it is unlikely that any more will be imported between now and the official withdrawal from the UK and other European markets.

Daihatsu's website, however, says that the company will continue to support existing owners with parts, servicing, repairs and warranty work.

The company's website says: 'We thank Daihatsu customers for their past custom and loyalty, and share their disappointment at this news.'