Daihatsu D-X

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John McIlroy
30 November 2011

Daihatsu D-X

Daihatsu has come up with some of the boldest designs at Tokyo, including the D-X, a two-seater that can be either a roadster, a coup or a hatchback.

The eye-catching red model achieves this versatility by having removable body panels that can be swapped around to create various styles of car.

Power comes from a two-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine that will go beyond the concept to feature in Daihatsus production range.

It wont make Europe, of course, since Daihatsu pulled the plug on sales there earlier this year. However, I can see it fitting in nicely around Tokyo.

Japanese brands need to keep coming up with cars that can be personalised, given that Mini is on a major brand offensive there; something like the D-X could be just the trick.