Daihatsu's Tokyo motor show concept cars

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13 October 2009

Daihatsu's Tokyo motor show concept cars

Daihatsu's e:S concept car will make its debut at the Tokyo motor show next week.

The e:S (meaning 'eco' and 'smart') is a dinky supermini based on the Charade, which Daihatsu claims uses 'state-of-the-art improvements to existing technologies'.

That means it's powered by a small petrol engine with an engine stop-start system and has a range of weight-saving measures that cut its weight to just 700kg less than a Smart Fourtwo, for example.

The result is a car that's capable of more than 70mpg. It

basket and Deca Deca concept cars
Daihatsu is also giving a world debut to the fantastically named basket and Deca Deca concept cars.

The basket is a four-seater with a removal hard-top roof that covers the front seats and a canvas top over the rear seats. It also has an open 'rear deck' storage area behind the back seats.

The Deca Deca has a low, flat floor and pillarless side-by-side doors that make for extremely easy access.

The company is also showing every model it sells in Japan. However, few of these cars will make it to the UK, because the country's importer of Daihatsus isn't importing new cars due to poor exchange rates between the pound and the yen.