Demand causes Jaguar XF delays

* 4000 pre-orders in UK * Some deliveries delayed * Jaguar acts to clear backlog...

Demand causes Jaguar XF delays

Huge demand for the Jaguar XF has led to delays in some deliveries.

More than 4000 XFs were pre-ordered in the UK, with deliveries due to begin on March 1. However, some buyers have had their delivery date put back indefinitely while latest software is sourced.

'We are aware that some customers are experiencing a small delay with getting their cars, and we are working hard to resolve that problem,' said a Jaguar spokesman.

'However, the delay is a result of us wanting to ensure each car is delivered at its absolute maximum standard. There is high demand for the car, and we want to make sure that each one is delivered with the latest software.

'There's no point delivering a car and then taking it back in for updates at a later date.'

The spokesman added that it wasn't possible to specify how long the delay would be, saying it would vary for each customer according to dealership and distributor schedules.