Electric vehicles can now park for free in Milton Keynes

New allocation of 15,000 EV-only spaces will soon be joined by more charging hubs...

Electric vehicles can now park for free in Milton Keynes

Drivers of electric vehicles can now park their car for free in Milton Keynes thanks to the introduction of 15,000 electric-only parking spaces.

The spaces have been introduced to make owning an electric vehicle more attractive and come as part of the UK government’s Go Ultra Low Cities scheme that aims to encourage the uptake of electric cars. A total of £40 million has been given to Milton Keynes for the purpose, with London, Nottingham and Bristol also receiving the same level of funding.

Milton Keynes is the first location to introduce such a large-scale scheme of this kind in the UK. In the near future it plans to add electric car chargers to the spaces, as well as in residential areas, outside restaurants and in shopping centre car parks.

The town’s council also hopes to open up bus lanes for use by electric vehicles, meaning drivers of zero-emissions cars such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe will one day be able to beat the traffic in Milton Keynes.

These moves will make owning an electric vehicle more convenient and are expected to help increase the number of electric cars bought by Britain’s motorists each month. Monthly electric car sales have more than trebled since this time last year, illustrating how many people are swapping diesel and petrol for electric power.

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