Euro-spec Mitsubishi iMiEV at Paris show

* To be revealed at Paris motor show * Revised styling and added safety * Available for less than 24,000...

Euro-spec Mitsubishi iMiEV at Paris show

The Euro-spec Mitsubishi iMiEV will be revealed at the Paris motor show at the end of September.

The European version of the all-electric iMiEV gets the following features:

• New design for the front and rear bumpers
• Rearranged centre stack
• Improved interior comfort

Safety improvements
Along with the design changes, the Euro-spec iMiEV also gets a safety upgrade. These upgrades include active stability control and side curtain airbags as standard.

Price drop
Mitsubishi has also slashed the price of the iMiEV from 38,699 to 28,990 for orders that are placed for delivery before January 1. Factor in the 5000 Government grant available for the purchase of low-carbon cars and you could be paying 23,999 for the electric supermini.

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