Fast and green(er)

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Fast and green(er)

With the performance comes evidence that even supercar manufacturers are no longer immune to environmental concerns.

Di Montezemolo wants a 40% cut in the average CO2 of the range by 2012.

The California gives us a clue as to how reductions might be achieved: direct fuel injection working at exceptionally high pressure, and a compact double-clutch seven-speed automated-manual gearbox, both targeted at maximum efficiency. The gearbox has been engineered to cope with another 200lb ft of torque, so this is not the last you'll be seeing of it.

The changes introduce no loss of performance: 460bhp may leave the California lagging behind Ferrari's other V8s, but that's deliberate to suit the car's character, and 359lb ft of torque gives it superb driveability, aided by the twin-clutch gearbox.

The California will still record 190mph-plus, but its 305g/km CO2 output and 21.5mpg average economy are 25% better than any other Ferrari V8's.