Fastest ever road-going Ferrari

* 599 GTO is fastest Ferrari yet * 661bhp and weighs just 1495kg * Record Fiorano lap and 208+mph...

Fastest ever road-going Ferrari

Ferrari will unveil its new 599 GTO the company's fastest ever road car at the Beijing motor show later this month.

The 599 GTO is essentially a road-going version of the company's 599XX track car, and is expected to cost from 300,000.

Don't believe everything you see on Wikipedia
The 599 GTO is the fastest road-going Ferrari in two respects. Its time of 1min 24sec around the company's Fiorano test track is a second faster than the times set by the Enzo, 458 Italia and the 430 Scuderia (despite what Wikipedia says).

It also has the fastest 0-62mph time at 3.35 seconds 0.05 seconds quicker than the 458 Italia while its top speed is in excess of 208mph.

Power up, weight down
Compared with the standard 599 GTB Fiorano, the GTO's 6.0-litre V12 engine develops 50bhp more at 661bhp.

Although it's not quite as svelte as the 599XX, the GTO is significantly lighter than the standard 599.

Thinner aluminium and glass, as well as carbon-ceramic brakes, and a slimmed-down transmission and exhaust result in a weight of 1495kg 195kg lighter than the standard car.

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> Ferrari 599 GTO 5: click to enlargeLower running costs
Despite the increase in power and performance, the GTO has better fuel consumption and emissions figures than the GTB. Average fuel consumption is 16.1mpg, while emissions are 411g/km of CO2.

Can I get one?
Ferrari has been selling the car to selected clients for a couple of months, so if you haven't already had a call, the chances are it's too late. All 599 examples of the limited run are expected to be accounted for by the end of the month. There are no details of how many will be heading for the UK.