What Car? says...

As a rule of thumb, most cars that can be described as ‘entry-level’ feel a little low-rent compared to plusher models in the range. It’s fair to say, though, that the usual rules don’t apply where a certain Italian brand associated with a prancing horse is concerned. Indeed, the Ferrari Portofino is better thought of as an à la carte meal; intended to tempt customers new to the brand to return, picking something more expensive from the menu next time.

It’s also supposed to be a Ferrari that you can use every day, come rain or shine. Yes, the GTC4 Lusso fills that job description, too, but the Portofino is more compact, more economical (as if that really matters) and has a metal roof that can be lowered in a scant 14sec. There’s even a pair of rear seats and a boot that’s big enough for a couple of carry-on suitcases.