Ferrari 458 Italia: full gallery

* First official interior pics * F1-influenced layout * On sale in 2010...

Ferrari 458 Italia: full gallery

Ferrari has released more pictures of the stunning new 458 Italia.

The all-new car - a replacement for the F430 - is due to go on sale in 2010. The latest photos show the interior in detail for the first time. As with the exterior, the influence of Ferraris F1 racing cars is strong.

'An uncompromising approach'
Ferrari says that the 458 Italia's steering wheel and instrument binnacle 'represent a significant step forward in the concept of the ergonomic interface between driver and car.'

Many of the controls are on the steering wheel, with 'satellite pods' either side of it to create an environment thats aimed at allowing the driver to 'concentrate fully on driving.'

There are no steering column-mounted stalks instead the indicators, headlights and windscreen wiper functions are operated by buttons on the steering wheel. Ferrari claims the layout: 'ensures maximum control of the car in high performance driving, an uncompromising approach that derives directly from Ferraris F1 experience.'

Influence of aerodynamics
The 458 Italia's exterior styling is equally radical and also has clear F1 cues. Ferrari says the styling is 'a complete departure from the past' and that it has been heavily influenced by the need for aerodynamic efficiency.

There are dramatic air vents at the front of the car, along with 'aerolastic winglets' that generate downforce and deform to cut drag as speed increases. Three centrally-mounted exhaust tailpipes dominate the rear of the car, while tail lights placed at the extremes of the bodywork accentuate its squat stance.

New V8 engine
The high-tech approach continues with a new direct-injection 4.5-litre, 562bhp V8 engine, a seven-speed semi-automatic transmission and the extensive use of advanced material to keep weight down.

A single control will allow drivers to alter the settings of the stability control system, throttle sensitivity and braking at the flick of a switch.

The 458 Italia will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in September. Prices haven't been announced, but they're likely to start at around 150,000 when the 458 Italia goes on sale next year.