Ferrari 599XX

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Ferrari 599XX

The Ferrari FXX programme is being expanded to include the Ferrari 599, which has been unveiled under the 599XX banner at the Geneva motor show.

The FXX programme has already enabled customers to design and drive an enhanced version of the company's Enzo at racetracks around the world.

A total of 29 customers paid 1.3 million each to be part of the scheme, for which they got to drive the FXX at specially arranged events and to even suggest engineering tweaks to Ferrari's designers.

Michael Schumacher was given the 30th FXX as a retirement present when he vacated the company's Formula 1 seat, so there should be no doubting the pedigree of the car's technical enhancements.

Developments to the standard Enzo include an increase in engine capacity from 6.0- to 6.3-litres, an F1-derived gearshift and carbonfibre-reinforced silicon carbide brakes.

Now the 599XX follows in similar wheeltracks. It will again only be available to select customers, who will get to drive it at Ferrari-organised track days

Changes to the engine mean it is lighter and stronger: it can rev higher, to 9000rpm, and gives 690bhp. A reworked gearbox now changes gear in 60 milliseconds.

The suspension has been changed to make the handling more sporty, while the aerodynamics have been reworked in a wind tunnel to produce 280kg of downforce at 200kph (about 132mph). As a result of aero changes, the engine vents have been moved from the front of the car to the bonnet.

Brake cooling and aerodynamics have been boosted by the use of F1 style wheel covers.

Carbonfibre, composites and aluminium have all been used to reduce the car's weight.

599 GTB Handling GT Evoluzione
Standard 599 GTB buyers will be able to opt for a GTC handling pack that was unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

Changes to the car's set-up and tyres result in improved handling and steering response.

These include stiffer springs and anti-roll bars and reworked shock absorbers. The ride height has also been lowered and the electronics improved to allow faster gearshift times.

A reworked exhaust also makes a more sporty sound.

Cars fitted with the handling pack are differentiated by 20-inch wheels and carbonfibre detailing inside and out.