Ferrari to showcase hybrid technology

* Hybrid technology on 599 * Part of plan for 40% CO2 cut * At Geneva motor show...

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What Car? Staff
01 February 2010

Ferrari to showcase hybrid technology

Claims that Ferrari is to reveal a petrol-electric hybrid 599 at the Geneva motor show next month are wide of the mark, according to the supercar manufacturer.

Many websites seized on an announcement by Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo during the launch of the 2010 Formula One car that a hybrid 599 would be revealed at the Geneva motor show.

However, a spokesman from Ferrari told us that the car was merely a mule to showcase the company's hybrid technology.

The spokesman said: 'This is not the new 599 and it does not confirm that the 599 will ever be produced as a hybrid.'

Emissions to be cut by 40%
Ferrari has said that it plans to cut its average CO2 emissions by 40% (based on 2007 figures) by 2010.

Ferrari's spokesman told us that this target was 'well on the way' to being realised and that the hybrid technology to be showcased in Geneva will play an important role in achieving the 40% cut.

Hybrid technology
While Ferrari isn't releasing any details on its hybrid technology before the Geneva motor show, it is expected that a version of the F1-inspired kinetic energy regeneration system (known as KERS) will be among the developments.