Ferrari's new Scuderia for just 255

* New Ferrari watch * Available at Ferrari stores * On sale in August...

24 July 2009
Ferrari's new Scuderia for just 255

Can't wait for the Ferrari F450? Can't quite afford one? We've got the answer

Try the new Ferrari Lap-Time wrist watch, which goes on sale at the end of August.

Ferrari says the watch was 'developed specifically to meet the needs of the Scuderia Ferrari'. Features include:

•A Swiss chronograph movement
•Stainless steel case
•Top ring with tachometer indications
•A digital display for two secondary time zones
•Anti-reflective glass
•Black rubber strap with embossed Scuderia Ferrari logo.

The Ferrari Lap-Time costs 295 (around 255).
The new watch is available online at, or at any official Ferrari store.