Fiat 500L

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Fiat 500L

We tried, and failed, to get inside a Fiat 500L, because all of the show cars were locked. However, were still tempted to conclude that the more practical addition to the 500 range was one of the more impressive launches at Geneva.

Thats not to say the L retains all of the 500s cute looks; theres no way you could add 60cm to the length and 17cm to the height without creating an altogether larger-looking vehicle. However, Fiats designers have managed to keep enough of the exteriors charm.

Better still, it looks like theres more than enough of it still inside; the 500Ls fascia has the retro trendiness thats made the 500 such a hit, mixed in with Panda-esque touches of practicality, such as a deep glovebox.

Pricing will be crucial, as always, and its frustrating that well have to wait until 2013 to buy it. If Fiat gets its figures right, we can see the 500L being a popular choice for small, city-dwelling families who cant quite fit into the regular 500.