First drive: Ferrari 430 Scuderia

* F1 technology used in road car * 0.62mph in less than 3.6sec * Costs £172,605...

First drive: Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Most people's perception of a Ferrari is that it's not a car you can use every day.


Sure, many owners don't use their Ferrari every day because it's not their only car. However, the latest Ferrari is as docile as a Fiat when you want it to be, yet comes as close to driving a Formula One car as you are likely to get.

F1 technology in a road car

The mind-blowing performance of the F430 Scuderia shouldn't be a surprise: seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher was one of the development drivers.

It's that kind of input that makes the Scuderia the best example yet of F1 technology transferring to road cars.

It combines the advanced engineering and high-tech electronics of the championship-winning F1 cars with the head-turning looks and quality build of the F430.

For example, there's the F1-Superfast2 paddle-shift gearbox, which works faster than ever, changing gears in 60 milliseconds.

Then there's the clever electronic differential from the F430, which is combined with the equally clever traction and stability system from the 599 GTB to give you phenomenal levels of performance and control.

The F1 theme continues on the steering wheel, where a rotary knob (known as the Racing Manettino) allows you to adjust the electronic settings depending on road or track conditions and your own level of skill.

Chassis and engine tweaks

The 430 features weight-saving and aerodynamic tweaks over the original F430, while the engine has been tuned to develop 510bhp, 20bhp more than the standard car's. The engine is also more flexible at lower revs, making it more driveable. Oh, and it sounds better, too.

Whether you're on a track or your favourite twisty road, the Scuderia will blow your socks off. It's unfathomably fast, but in a predictable and controlled manner.

Leave your braking as late as you dare and the carbon-ceramic brake discs will reduce your speed in an instant, with bags of feedback. Then put your foot flat to the floor and let the electronics get you out of the corner as quickly as is physically possible. It's incredible.

Is it worth the money?

Sure, £172,605 is an eye-watering asking price - but with this kind of performance on offer, the 430 Scuderia is worth every penny of the near 30,000 premium over the F430.

And you can use it every day if you want to.

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