Fly upper class, travel hydrogen class

* Virgin Atlantic to use hydrogen powered cars * Chevrolet Equinox to ferry passengers * Cars will be based at Los Angeles International...

Fly upper class, travel hydrogen class
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David Motton
4 Mar 2008 09:35

Virgin Atlantic is to use hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for its ground transfer service for upper class passengers.

The fleet of Chevrolet Equinox models, which emit only water vapour, go into service later this month, based at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Its likely that a similar service will start up in New York in due course.

The deal with Virgin Atlantic is an extension of Project Driveway, a 30-month long trial of fuel-cell vehicles. More than 100 hydrogen cars are on trial in the US and in other markets, including Germany and Asia. The vehicles are loaned to consumers for three-month stints, free of charge, in return for feedback on how the cars perform.