Ford C-Max emissions lowered

* 1.6-litre diesel emissions down to 119g/km * VED road tax rate falls to 35 a year * Fuel economy rises to 62.8mpg...

Ford C-Max emissions lowered
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What Car? Staff
9 Dec 2008 12:19

Ford has reduced the emissions of its C-Max 1.6-litre diesel model to 119g/km of CO2, which has dropped it a VED road tax band. Fuel economy has been improved, too.

The reduction from its previous level of 124g/km means the annual VED road tax rate will now be 35 instead of 120, and will fall to 30 from April 2009.

Average fuel economy has been increased from 60.1mpg to a 62.8mpg. The price remains unchanged, starting at 15,805.

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