Ford Fiesta and Focus get greener

* New Econetic models * CO2 emissions from 87g/km * On sale mid-2012...

Ford Fiesta and Focus get greener
7 Sep 2011 10:56

Ford has announced the most fuel-efficient Fiesta and Focus diesel models ever.

The new Fiesta Econetic Technology and Focus Econetic Technology emit 87g/km and 89g/km of CO2 respectively. Average fuel consumption is 85.6mpg for the Fiesta and 83.1mpg for the Focus.

Both new models will go on sale in mid-2012. Each uses a new version of Fords 1.6 TDCi diesel engine: theres a 94bhp version in the Fiesta and a 104bhp version in the Focus.

The engine has been updated with a new injection system, additional friction-reduction features, a more efficient combustion system, enhanced cooling and revised engine management system. The Focus also has a new variable-geometry turbocharger.

The Focus has a six-speed manual gearbox is standard, while the Fiesta has a five-speed manual: both have been optimised to reduce friction and have a long final drive ratio to improve fuel economy at motorway speeds.

The two cars have low-rolling-resistance tyres and a range of aerodynamic features to reduce drag. Each has under-body shielding and air deflectors. The Focus also has an Active Grille Shutter system, where the front grille vents can be closed if no airflow is needed, to reduce drag.

Ford has also revealed that it will unveil a new Focus model that uses its three-cylinder, 1.0-litre petrol engine at the Frankfurt motor show next week. More details will be revealed at the show.