Ford Focus Black Edition vs Seat Leon FR

It's certainly eye-catching, but Ford's warm Focus will also need to be convincing on the road if it's to beat the Seat Leon...

Ford Focus Black Edition vs Seat Leon FR

What are they like inside?

In most respects neither car differs much from its more humdrum counterparts. The Focus Black Edition (or Red Edition if you choose the reverse colour scheme) gets red stitching on its carpet mats and leather steering wheel. Both also have more heavily bolstered sports seats up front, complete with adjustable lumbar support.  

The Seat is fractionally bigger inside. There’s a little more leg and head room in the front and back, and the cabin is a touch longer than the Ford’s. However, two tall adults will be comfortable in the back of the Focus and there’s enough room for a tall driver. The Ford also has the more supportive driver’s seat, which holds you in place more securely than the Leon’s flatter seat when cornering quickly. 


Ford Focus Black Edition vs Seat Leon FR

Although the Focus has a larger touchscreen than the Seat, the Leon’s infotainment system is more intuitive and easier to operate while driving. Neither touchscreen is particularly quick to respond, though, and neither car will wow you with the quality of its interior, either – although the Seat feels fractionally better screwed together than the Ford.

In fact, other than its superior front seats, the Focus trails the Leon in virtually every aspect of its interior. Both cars have 60/40 split rear seats, but in the Focus you have to flip up the seat bases before folding down the seat backs, while the whole process is much simpler in the Leon. The Seat also has a deeper, longer boot, making it better if you carry bulky items on a regular basis. It’s just a pity there’s a hefty lip at the boot entrance.

Both cars provide a decent forward view, but over-the-shoulder visibility isn’t great in the Focus. It’s also a bit harder to judge the Ford’s extremities when manoeuvring in a car park.


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