Funding secures Aston's future

* 304 million bond issue from Aston Martin * Financial stability for seven years * More models in the pipeline...

Funding secures Aston's future
22 Jun 2011 16:08

Aston Martin says it has the funding in place for the next seven years, following a 304 million bond issue.

The funding puts the firm on a stable financial footing, allowing it to develop new models.

Dr Ulrich Bez, chief executive officer of Aston Martin, said: 'Our successful bond issue represents a milestone and provides strong, long-term financial foundations for the company as we enter a new phase of growth.

'We have a proven record of bringing cars to market very quickly. We now have long-term financing in place alongside our current product range and development pipeline, which are the strongest in our history. We look forward to capitalising on the many opportunities ahead of us.'

Ford sold Aston Martin in 2009 to a consortium led by motorsports tycoon David Richards for 409 million.