Geneva 2012: Suzuki G70 and Swift

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06 March 2012

Geneva 2012: Suzuki G70 and Swift

Suzuki has showcased its revised G70 supermini and Swift Range Extender hybrid concept cars at the Geneva motor show.

The car maker says the revised concept cars demonstrate the brands new vision.

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Suzuki's G70 concept car is a lightweight supermini designed to reduce costs with high mpg and low emissions. This first version of the concept badged as the Regina appeared at the 2011 Tokyo motor show.

The G70 weighs just 730kg 125kg less than the Alto model it is likely to replace. A highly efficient petrol engine means the G70 emits just 70g/km of CO2; according to Suzuki the concept has at least a 10% lower drag coefficient than the current Alto.

The Swift Range Extender hybrid is also expected at the show. The concept car was first shown at the 2010 Geneva motor show as a plug-in hybrid, and has since undergone development to double its battery-powered range to 30km (around 18 miles), and to include range-extender technology.

When battery power runs low, a 660cc petrol-powered generator is fired up to run the electric motor. Suzuki says this system contains a smaller battery, which is faster to charge and saves weight therefore reducing costs.

Dan Alcock