Honda cuts prices on Civic models

* 900 off Type S * 1000 off five-door versions * Haggle more discounts...

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What Car? Staff
18 December 2009

Honda cuts prices on Civic models

Honda is cutting the prices on a range of Honda Civic models.

From January 1, the sporty-looking 1.4 Type S Civic comes with a list price of 14,495.

We reckon with a determined bit of haggling buyers can get that price down to below 14,000.

Offers on five-door Civics
Honda is also taking around 1000 off the five-door 1.4 Si and 1.8 Si versions.

That takes the list price of the 1.4 model down to 15,495 and the 1.8 to 16,495.

Like the Type S model, buyers of the five-door versions can haggle further discounts. Keep an eye on our Target Price for the latest information.

Honda is offering on these models with either a two-year 0% Hire Purchase agreement with 35% deposit, or a three year 5.9% Personal Contract Plan with deposit of 10%.