Honda Jazz long-term test: report 2

The latest Honda Jazz's practicality and efficiency impressed us in a group test – now our deputy editor is finding out what it's like to drive one every day...

Honda Jazz boot

The car Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid EX eCVT Run by Darren Moss, deputy editor

Why it’s here To see if the latest Jazz’s talents extend beyond the big space and practicality the car has become known for

Needs to Carry luggage and people without complaint, be economical around town and powerful enough for longer trips, and keep me connected to the office

Mileage 1341 List price £22,245 Target Price £20,732 Price as tested £22,995 Test economy 58.2mpg Official economy 61.4mpg 

3 September 2021 – Big tripper

It’s Friday evening, and I’ve got 164 miles to cover in my Honda Jazz. You see, I’ve taken to spending the odd weekend in Norfolk, at the idyllic seaside town of Wells-next-the-Sea. It’s the kind of location that features on postcards, and the perfect place to unwind after a big week at work. But, right now, it’s not getting much closer because the M25 motorway around London is heavily congested.

Thankfully, the Jazz has everything needed to keep me feeling calm and fresh in the traffic nightmare. The standard-fit four-speaker stereo is sending soothing sounds through the interior with pleasant clarity, while the adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance systems mean that, when I am moving, the car is helping out.

Honda Jazz cup holder

Then there are the cupholders. You might think these couldn’t make a big difference, but my go-to travel mug is a) large, and b) has quite a protruding handle. That means it doesn’t quite fit into most cupholders, which can cause it to leak and make things sticky with coffee residue.

In the Jazz, though, both front occupants get a wide, deep cupholder that’s built into the top of the dashboard, and the perfect size for my travel mug. So, I can face the impending delays to my trip with a caffeine hit close to hand – and not have to mop up the centre console when I arrive at my destination.

Finally, despite being a small car that spends 90% of its time being used for local journeys or commuting, my Jazz is very comfortable when I have to spend a long time behind the wheel, thanks to supportive seats and a ride that’s capable of wafting me along the motorway with creamy smoothness.

Having eventually made it to Norfolk, I met up with family and we spent the next day together being tourists. That meant cramming four people and their luggage into my car, but the Jazz’s boot took all our bags and the pushchair needed to transport my young niece around with ease. Versatile? I think that could be my Jazz's middle name.

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