How Volkswagen smartphone tech connects you with your van

Make your days more efficient by seamlessly connecting your phone with your vehicle through intelligent Volkswagen We Connect integration...

Volkswagen Caddy

Volkswagen’s innovative We Connect is a pioneering technology that intelligently connects your smartphone and your vehicle, helping you carve a smarter, easier and more time-efficient path through your day. That means spending more time focused on the tasks that matter, or doing the things that you love.

The all-new Volkswagen Caddy Cargo scooped the Best Technology Advance award at the 2021 What Car? Van Awards thanks, in part, to its extensive connectivity technology – which includes the We Connect app. In fact, the Caddy is not the only van in the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles range that benefits from We Connect – the Transporter 6.1 and the Crafter panel van both feature this advanced technology, too.

Seamlessly integrating your Volkswagen Transporter 6.1, Caddy Cargo or Crafter with your smartphone via an always-connected eSim, the We Connect app provides you with a wealth of useful information and conveniences right in your palm. 

Simply register for the We Connect services, download the app, and sync it your van to access features like automatic emergency calls, WLAN hot-spotting, real-time navigation updates, remote central locking capabilities, and much more.

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Volkswagen We Connect

Carve a smarter path through your day

Being on time and minimising delays is crucial to any van driver. Thankfully, We Connect Plus can help you better organise your day when used with the Discover Navigation on your van’s in-cab touchscreen.

You can pre-plan your destinations and routes on your smartphone from the comfort of your desk or sofa by inputting your stops via We Connect’s Online Route Calculator. The most efficient route – taking into consideration time, speed, fuel and current and forecasted traffic situations – is then shown directly in the palm of your hand and can be sent straight to your van’s Discover Navigation system, ready for when you set off.

Simply connect and sync your phone, then drive away and your directions are provided audibly and via your van’s large crisp infotainment screen – letting you focus on the road ahead. Constant internet connection through We Connect provides live traffic information, updates on potential delays and alternative routes in case of jams. The result: you get to your destination hassle-free, meaning you’re calmer and more focused when you arrive.

We Connect can also take the hassle out of parking, finding the nearest car park en-route or at your destination – along with its opening hours – before directing you straight there. Need a quick splash-and-dash refill and a bite for lunch? We Connect provides an overview of nearby petrol stations, including prices and opening hours. Choose one, and the most efficient route is sent straight to your van’s navigation system. 

Equally, it’s often easy to forget where you parked your vehicle. We Connect’s Parking Position will locate your vehicle and show you the most efficient walking route to it.

Be smarter, safer and more secure

We Connect isn’t all about navigation, it’s about safety too. If you’re involved in an accident, We Connect’s eCall system uses the embedded eSim to automatically contact Volkswagen’s dedicated call centre with information about you, your vehicle and the accident.

Your Caddy, Transporter 6.1 or Crafter comes with crash sensors which, upon detecting even the slightest contact, will automatically give you the option to contact the Volkswagen emergency call centre. If necessary, the call centre will contact the emergency services or vehicle recovery team, sending them directly to your location. The eCall feature can also be engaged manually through the SOS button directly above the driver, while a separate breakdown button can be used to contact Volkswagen's roadside assistance team.

We Connect Plus also provides security features. Area Alert lets you monitor your vehicle via your smartphone, alerting you if your van leaves a designated area during certain hours. Speed Alert allows you to set a speed limit via your smartphone for others who drive your van. If they exceed it, you’ll get an instant notification.

Finally, if the Anti-Theft Alarm is triggered while you’re away from your van, you’ll get an immediate alert straight to your phone, with a follow up email explaining how and when the alarm was triggered.

Volkswagen Caddy

Think smart, and stay on top of servicing

Your van covers thousands of miles a year, so servicing it regularly is crucial to keeping it working as hard and efficiently as possible. Monitoring your driving data and vehicle health can also help in the upkeep of your van – and help reduce your running costs.

When it’s nearly time for a service, your Caddy, Transporter 6.1 or Crafter will automatically contact your local Volkswagen Van Centre, who will then contact you to book a service at a time that is convenient. What if you don’t have the time or the ability to leave your vehicle for a full Van Centre service? Well, Volkswagen Mobile Servicing can bring the van centre to you and complete your service at your home, or place of business.

We Connect’s Telematics features can also help you maintain your van. Before you set off, check your Vehicle Health report. This will list any warning messages or upcoming scheduled services, as well as displaying the status of all the driver assistance systems – meaning you can start every day knowing your van is ready to work. 

And, to help improve your fuel economy, We Connect’s Driving Data feature lets you see a detailed analysis of your driver inputs, fuel economy, mileage and range.

Smart ways to keep yourself entertained

Finally, We Connect’s vast range of features are accompanied by a plethora of clever comfort and streaming services that help make your time on the road as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

With a simple infotainment system upgrade, Online Voice Control can help you access your favourite infotainment without lifting a finger. When We Connect data is purchased, through Volkswagen’s internet partner Cubic, you can use Media Streaming to access your favourite online radio shows and podcasts – all through your Volkswagen’s crisp Discover Media infotainment screen.

If you’re ferrying colleagues, or even the family, an integrated secure WLAN hotspot can, when paired with the relevant Cubic data package, provide strong internet connectivity for up to eight devices at once meaning your passengers can enjoy their favourite media, too.

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