Hummer cuts CO2 emissions by 20%

* But Hummer H2 still emits 412g/km * Fuel economy improves 22% * Prices start from 48,995...

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Jim Holder
08 April 2008

Hummer cuts CO2 emissions by 20%

If a car manufacturer announced that it had cut carbon dioxide emissions from one of its engines by 100g/km, we'd normally celebrate with whoops of delight and a handful of silverware.

We'll reserve polite applause this time, though, because the emissions from Hummer's revised H2 have only fallen from a planet-curdling 512g/km to a marginally less eye-watering 412g/km - a 20% cut.

However, when even Hummer is making strides to reduce emissions, you start to understand just how much the environmental campaign has affected the car industry.

The new engine also promises improved average fuel economy of 16.2mpg, up 22% from 13.2mpg.

Other detail changes on the H2 include a revised grille on the front of the car, lower bumpers, a new dash layout and an optional third row of seats in the back, so the car can carry seven people.

It is available in three trims and either as a five-door car or double-cab pick-up. Prices start at 48,995.