Hyundai will launch new coupe next year

* Four-seater coupe to arrive in 2011 * Will have asymmetric doors * Replacement for Sonata due in mid 2011...

Hyundai will launch new coupe next year

Hyundai is promising a series of important model launches in 2011, spearheaded by a new coupe in about 12 months.

This new model will be inspired by the various coupe concept cars that Hyundai has shown in recent years (such as the Veloster, pictured), and will incorporate one piece of design thats unique in its class: asymmetric doors.

What that means is that, like the Mini Clubman, there will be one door on one side of the car, but two doors on the other. On the side with two doors, the rear door will be rear-hinged, allowing easier access into the back of a model that Hyundai claims will be a full four-seater.

Whats unique is that, thanks to the flexibility of the design, buyers can decide which side of the car has two doors; and, if they wish, they can even have double doors on both sides, like the Mazda RX-8. However, there will be no two-door option.

New models on the way
Even before the new coupe arrives, there will be plenty of new metal in Hyundai showrooms.

First up will be the face-lifted i10 supermini, which was shown at the recent Paris motor show and is expected to go on sale in the UK in March.

Around the same time, well also see low-CO2, Blue Drive versions of the i10 and i20 superminis, as well of the i30 hatchback and estate. All will emit less than 100g/km of CO2, making them exempt from annual road tax and if London mayor Boris Johnsons proposals are accepted the London Congestion Charge.

Finally, a replacement for the Sonata family car will also be launched in 2011. It is expected in the middle of the year, but will not use the Sonata name. Instead, the new model will have a name that fits in with the companys i- family of names.