Improved C3 Picasso with a cherry on top

* Lower emissions, improved economy * Cheaper tax bands, smaller fuel bills * New Blackcherry limited edition...

29 October 2010

Improved C3 Picasso with a cherry on top

Citroen has tweaked its C3 Picasso MPV range to have lower emissions and improved economy, and has launched a new limited edition Blackcherry model.

Emissions fall by up to 5g/km on the 109bhp 1.6 HDi diesel, while economy is now up to 61.4mpg on the 89bhp diesel. The fall in emissions means the 89g/km model now sits in the lowest possible diesel company car tax band of 13%.

The Blackcherry limited edition comes with this engine and is priced from 15,195 - 300 more than the VTR+ it's based on.

It has all the features of the VTR+, but also gets metallic black paint, cherry red alloy wheels and red detailing in the cabin.