Infiniti electric sports car: new photo

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10 January 2012

Infiniti electric sports car: new photo

Infiniti has released another photo and more details about its range-extending sports concept car, which will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show 2012.

The concept car will have a 1.2-litre petrol engine together with an electric motor and battery pack. The motor and engine will be mounted between the front and rear wheels, which, says Infiniti, gives 'optimal weight distribution and therefore optimal handling'.

Infiniti has revealed few details about the two-seat concept car, but the range-extending technology could be similar to that found in the Vauxhall Ampera, where the electric motor always drives the wheels, but the small-capacity engine recharges the battery pack and therefore gives the car a much greater range than traditional electric-powered cars.

Infiniti has yet to announce the car's name and still insists that the electric-powered Porsche Boxster rival is only a concept car. When the car is revealed, it will also show how future Infinitis could look.

There are no performance or economy figures yet, but Infiniti will have the Fisker Karma as a benchmark. Like the Infiniti, the Karma is an electric sports car with range-extending technology. Fisker announced last year that the Karma had average fuel economy of 135mpg and CO2 emissions of 51g/km.