Infiniti FX50

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04 March 2008
Infiniti FX50

These are the first pictures of the Infiniti FX50, an all-new car powered by a 5.0-litre V8 that will help launch the brand in the UK late this year or early in 2009.

Infiniti, which is Nissan's luxury brand and is already a success in the USA, launched the car at a glitzy event on Tuesday night at the Geneva motor show.

Described by the company as blending 4x4 dimensions with sportscar styling, it features a 387bhp engine, four-wheel-drive, a rear-wheel active steering system, adaptive suspension, brake assist, a seven-speed gearbox and 21-inch wheels.

Standard equipment includes heated and cooled leather sports seats, DVD-based sat-nav, adaptive front headlights and parking cameras. The interior of the car is avaialble in three colour schemes.

Nissan's self-healing Scratch Shield paint, which self-repairs light scratches, also features on the car, which is available in seven colours.

A V6-powered version of the car will be available at a later date.