Infiniti goes back to the forest

* New ambience system * Infiniti interior to 'recreate the forest' * Less stressful for occupants...

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What Car? Staff
19 October 2009

Infiniti goes back to the forest

If you go down to the woods today you will get an idea of the environment Infiniti wants for its cabins.

Nissan's luxury brand wants to create an ambience of the forest in its cars, so has developed what it calls 'Forest Air' as part of the air-conditioning system for the next generation M saloon due to arrive in the UK in 2011.

Go back to nature
Forest Air has a randomly modulated airflow that is supposed to reproduce the varying speeds of a breeze in the forest.

It also incorporates an air-freshener system that includes the scent of leaves and fragrant wood.

Infiniti's reasoning goes like this: mankind has lived in the forest for the past five million years but, in a short space of time, has switched to an artificial air.

This, says Infiniti, has induced a state of stress. By re-introducing a forest atmosphere into the cabin of its cars, it is making journeys less stressful for driver and passengers.