Infiniti plans rapid expansion scheme

* 40 + dealerships planned * Aims to sell 20,000 a year * Four-cylinder engines coming from Mercedes...

12 August 2011
Infiniti plans rapid expansion scheme

Infiniti plans to increase its number of UK dealers tenfold within five years to meet ambitious new sales targets.

The company has just four UK dealerships Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Reading but will open two further showrooms in Leeds and Stockport this year.

In addition to this, the car maker has plans to open more than 40 dealerships by 2016, selling 20,000 cars a year. According to latest data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Infiniti had registered 189 cars by the end of July.

Infiniti's line-up currently consists of cars with big V6- and V8 diesel and petrol engines, along with the recently introduced hybrid set up in the M35h executive car.

Following a tie-up between parent company Nissan-Renault and Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti will soon have more fuel-efficient four-cylinder petrols and diesels from Mercedes, which should help its expansion plans.

It will also have a production version of the Etherea concept car revealed at the Geneva motor show earlier this year by 2014.

However it will take more than the A3 rival to achieve its sales targets.

'By the end of 2016, every model in our current range will have been updated,' said a spokesman. 'These cars will have been benchmarked from the start to compete directly with Europe's best. For example, the new G will have the engines it needs to compete with 3 Series.

'It's not just about product, it's also about raising awareness. The sponsorship of Red Bull Racing is just a part of that. We will boost our presence further with the simple tactic of opening more Infiniti Centres and having more cars on the road.'

No date has been confirmed for the next Infiniti G, but it's thought to be due on sale in 2013.