Jaguar I-Pace long-term test: report 6

When Jaguar launched the fully electric I-Pace, it had few rivals, but that’s certainly not the case any more. So, is it still worth considering? We’re living with one to find out...

Jaguar I-Pace side with boot open

The car Jaguar I-Pace EV400 R-Dynamic HSE Black Run by Steve Huntingford, editor

Why it’s here To see if Jaguar’s electric SUV still feels like the future, or if it’s had its day

Needs to Combine its sleek looks with dynamics, luxury and range worthy of a prestige electric car

Mileage 3698 List price £77,495 Target Price £73,841 Price as tested £84,035 Test range 228 miles Official range 261 miles

5 June – Substance as well as style

It’s long been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I reckon the same is true of practicality. After all, a car like my Jaguar I-Pace is never going to get a five-star What Car? rating in this area, because some much bigger electric SUVs are available for similar money. And yet I’ve found it to be more than spacious enough for my needs.

Jaguar I-Pace LT - people in the back

True, my family is far from huge; it’s just my wife, my daughter and I. But even six-foot friends who’ve hitched a lift in the back haven’t been in danger of knocking themselves cold on the panoramic glass roof. And it’s not just the passenger area that impresses.

A couple of weekends back, following my daughter’s sixth birthday party, I found the boot was easily able to swallow presents from 20 of her friends, plus all of the rubbish and recycling they’d created – i.e. a lot.

Jaguar I-Pace LT boot filled with rubbish

So, yes, if you regularly travel five-up, you're better off looking elsewhere. But the I-Pace still proves that family friendly doesn't have to mean frumpy.

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